Blood and steel mod

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Would hints in a guide book be better?

Your name or email address: Registration is not required to download. Mod Why Blood and Steel is the best mod.

Link to blood and steel mod :: Mount & Blade: Warband General Discussions

Guide books can be a bit more flexible than quest books, which is nice. Regional Mercenaries add color and spice to the game. Perhaps tin and gold are panned for in rivers using strainers or something?

GamerwithnoGameApr 12, Unfortunately, the sci-fi battle mechs were completely steeel by the BC cannons and our only chance was to fight up the wall. Just only take ranges troops with you into battle with them, fire a few volleys, and just run into them by yourself until you are knocked out and you have the option t leave the battle after pressing tab.

SevenMassApr 13, You want to avoid quests put in for their own sake, in an ideal world, unless one of the aims is to just get people to explore all mods to some extent.

Where to download blood and steel mod for free? :: Mount & Blade: Warband General Discussions

Blood and Steel, build 1. Will there be one technological path they need to go down sequentially, or will they have multiple routes to reach a given end? Do you already have an account? I was actually looking forward to fighting a bloox faction at first, but it seems like players aren't intended to go up against the undead, at least not without a lot of help.

Thing is, blood contains iron, so there could be some sort of connectivity there - perhaps blood in a Tinker's smeltery could be bloood somehow to extract the iron, and that's the start of your tech? Does this mod still work on current versions of the game?

New ways to make money", finnaly!!! Any thoughts, advice, or questions. Log in or Sign up. I'm fairly certain it breaks mld copywrite law or two as well. Share This Page Tweet. As the Khergits made it up the ladder, the only troops left were the Samurai, Nizar and three archers, because samurai armour and steppe robes are immune to cannons. Full description of the many, many features is here.

Jul 12, Then, I was taken prisoner on the way there by steppe bandits. You might be able to change item drops with one of the loot table tweaking mods, although I have no clue how omd work.

Battle the skeleton hordes and the Dark Armies!

(1.12.2)(Tech)Blood and Steel 2

Blood and Steel 1. Then just move your party away as fast as possible. Please, in the future, use these links instead: Cool class system that makes the entire game different.

Beautiful new scenery and a more immersive experience. Biometweaker can make wastelands, theoretically.

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