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Dual SD cards for quick import and export. You can also export your songs, beats, or tracks as WAV files in an instant or export in real time for a DJ style mix. Create patterns in real time using quantize, swing, and tap tempo, and then string them together in SONG mode.

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Thanks for putting in the hard work to do something right.

Customize Anything Edit your patterns, entire kits or instruments, tweak individual samples or customize preset effects. Enjoy the convenience of two 2 headphone jacks for collaborating on your songs or sharing your music with friends. Just strike the pads to be inspired by one of the most exciting sound libraries released in years.

Process your beats and sounds through a unique set of digital FX created by top programmers. In all honesty, I never really got into programming it as much as you obviously have. In general, we found putting kits together and creating loops to be a very swift and trouble-free process, and it's clear that Beat Thang was made with plenty of input and direction from producers, and plenty of inspiration from tried-and-tested hardware designs.

Folk Guitar Buying Guides. The lack of a plug-in version and a grid editor currently count against it quite heavily, however, so we look forward with interest to seeing how Beat Thang evolves. I'm actually surprised that you are having that many problems with it. Beatkangz is guilty of false advertising and misleading consumer, Sit back, relax and let me tell you why.

Use Beat Thang as a performance instrument during your live performance. Bdat well with your other gear. Nails, Hammers,Saws and Wood aren't that expensive, yet you can make some pretty nice furniture using them, all depends on the one using the tools Beat Thang Virtual beat production software runs standalone on your Mac or your PC, loads up quickly, and doesn't take up much of your hard drive space at all.

I tried to use it and it was full of bugs. brat

You cant do anything with this crappy sampler. We're sorry-this item is unavailable. We'd imagine a simplified, more affordable design that operates only as a control device would make a potentially attractive proposition, though.

Beat Thang gives you over bangin' professional sounds and an in-depth Kit and Instrument creator that allows you to access and edit drum kits and instruments quickly even virtuzl the beat is playing.

Beatkangz Beat Thang Mobile Music Production System | Musician's Friend

The pads are soft as pillows and tough as nails. The Beat Thang's 16 internal and external tracks with independent bar length, and intuitive built-in mixer let you layer track after track. If you load a sample longer then 20 seconds the software treats it like its a huge veat file, starts slowing down, gets buggy and often crashes.

Guitar Amp Buying Guides.

With Beat Thang you can make beats using your mouse and computer keyboard or with any USB or pad controller. Easy enough for a beginner.

Sometimes I play a sound and it wont stop playing, i have to wait till it wants to stop how come you show all these graphics on the screen that cant be clicked and that should be.

At the very least, it's a good on-the-road laptop alternative, and thanks to its ergonomic design, it should win over some of those who have been tthang off by software instruments in the past. Phasers, flangers, hi-and low pass filters, compressors, reverbs, and delays, plus chopped, screwed, and freak are just a few clicks away. Get real time technical support on demand Imagine you get stuck on how to perform a certain operation or perhaps you need clarification on how to adjust a sound parameter you find in BTV Software, just live chat with your BKE support engineer who can answer any question thanb have about BTV software or electronic music production techniques.

Enjoy maximum flexibility with one button Export. You can also export your songs, beats, thabg tracks as WAV files in an instant kajgz export in real time for a DJ style mix. You can sequence here. Use the hardware as a controller for Beat Thang Virtual, as a standalone device, or unplug and take your fully portable Beat Thang into the streets where inspiration really happens.


No longer do you have to wait until you "get back" to capture your ideas and arrangements. Create live remixes on-the-fly and quickly improvise rhythm, harmony or melody accompaniments during your live sets. Intel Mac only, OS X

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