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Your adventure is only half through. A second magic rope will appear to take you higher into the rooftops. Aladdin Runner is a high-quality running game. Watch out for the knife-throwing Guard who uses you for target practice. Graphics Not only do the characters show a level of animation - thanks to the high frame - rate the game is designed with - but they have incredible personality and lifelike movement.

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Aladdin Nasira Revenge Game

You have Jafar to thank for your present predicament, the latest occupant of the Sultan's Dungeon. Disney's Aladdin in Nasira's Revenge".

Before you can find the Genie's lamp hidden in the Cave of Wonders, you yame first find the two Scarab halves which will show you the entrance to the Cave. Stand at the far right of the lower ledge, then quickly Jump to make Aladdin hang onto the upper ledge.

Climb to the top of the chain to find him in the Dungeon. This one is on the ledge to your right after you ride the first magic rope. This page was last edited on 11 Octoberat If you like to aladcin the game, make sure to take a look at our other running games like Duck Life 2 and Tomb Runner. Jafar will stop at nothing to get the Lamp Jump on him and he'll shoot dirt wads at the guard who is heading your way. Air Wings - Missile Attack. Climb the vine to find the idol. Aaladdin first Scarab half is hidden in the Desert.

Not to say that you'll master it easily, because the Difficult level is a real challenge, but you won't find yourself constantly referring to the manual: Agrabah Market You start out in the busy Agrabah Market where Palace Guards, knife-throwing jugglers, snake charmers and basket thieves lurk at every turn. From here, his fire can't reach you either.

The ever-curious Abu has touched the Forbidden Treasure and angered the god who guards the Cave of Wonders.

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From the Scarab, jump left, using the palm trees as trampolines. Position Aladdin so he's wearing this gaame pair of ears and you get a special surprise as the newest Mousketeer.

For that reason, a high level of game play can be found in Disney's Aladdin. Now that Disney's Aladdin is in hand, we can assure you that it's a great-looking game, in the spirit of Virgin's successes with Global Gladiators and Cool Spot.

Disney's Aladdin in Nasira's Revenge - Wikipedia

Have your scimitar ready when you land. This is a good place to catch your breath and decide your next move. After you jump off the platform and land on the stairs hiding the Heart power-up and Genie Token, head right to pick up the two Gems. Aggregate scores Aggregator Score GameRankings. This game is a huge amount of fun and will truly test your reactions and aladdi skill.

Aladdin's abilities range from sword fighting to jumping to stomping.

Don't bother to make him set up his Stall unless you have at least five Gems to buy a Life or 10 Gems for a Continue. As noted before, Global Gladiators and Cool Spot, two of the most "playable" games from Virgin, were the foundations for this Disney's Aladdin game. The dangers come in all forms and from every direction.

What makes this title even more interesting is the fact that you can jump onto a magic carpet and fly through the streets for periods of time! Cave of Wonders The Genie's Lamp is what you really want As you progress you can collect coins to purchase new upgrades and costumes for our xladdin.

Don't Tax Me, Bro.

In this superb running game, you must help Aladdin run through the streets of Arabia and avoid a myriad of obstacles as he progresses — jump over barrels, avoid bustling alsddin and watch out for the secret police! He does a nasty rolling move that will bowl you over, tosses knives with amazing 3s and can't be beaten by just a few hits of Apples.

Lots of blue Genie Tokens for the Genie bonus level are hidden, so explore every building you can enter.

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