Can you hear my heart korean drama

I rl like this drama. I love all the bromance in this drama too. Lee Hye Young Supporting Cast. They never quit moving. Song Seung Hwan Supporting Cast.

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Minn Wong Nov 26 9: At the funeral for his grandfather, Dong-Joo's mother learned that her husband cheated on her and even fathered another child. I congratulate all that is behind this drama I love jeong bo soek the most Forgiveness, here, is not cheap, either.

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I started watching for Mr. Hwang Young Hee Supporting Cast. Although Dong Dramz lost his hearing in a childhood accident, he has learned to compensate for his disability so that he koreab keep his deafness a secret from those around him.

Nina Feb 15 1: The love story ended up not moving me much, which surprised me because I love the two lead actors, but I don't think the writers were as brave as they could have been with the challenges these characters could have had.

Nine May 06 4: Seo Young Joo Supporting Cast. I prefer her over Kim Yoo Jung. And Kim Jae Won played him to a tee!

At This Time of Night? I love the way cha dong joo's deafness was portrayed and although as an asl signer I knew his talking was too good the drama didn't lack because of it. The three koreah them returned to South Korea and Dong-Joo now attempts to return the company to his mother and exact revenge upon his stepfather Those things you can see a lot of in this drama.

I hope Kim jaw wan will come back in screen soon. Violeta Apr 18 Forgiveness, unconditional love, acceptance, and what is more touching is the drama's perception and sensitivity to people who are physically challenged.

Can You Hear My Heart?

I fully recommend this as a must-watch drama. His grandfather owned the company "Yoo-Kyung," but the company was run by the step-father due to the grandfather's bad health. He's also my favorite actor after seeing this Drama: Mail required but will not be published. Log in with Email. A bit longish, considering that heeart 30 episodes.

There were no love triangles, per se, which I hate. But the drama really amazing and fascinating, I suggest everyone to see.

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During this time, he saw his step-father allow his grandfather to die. Sung Aug 31 Kim Jae Won Main Cast.

Well, as for now, I really recommend everyone to watch it I don't think I heat live with someone like that. I usually don't have a lot to say about a drama but I'm holding back as i could talk for like ever about this fantastic drama Very hearwarming drama, all the cast was gave their best acting Whenever i watch this movie, very hard to hold my tears. Hopefully it won't be a too long series to watch as people will get bored.

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