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So I cant download drivers to use it for Windows 7 then? I'll give it a thorough try when I get the new version. The time now is

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By Prince Valiant in forum Capturing. I can't caputure from the ADS eizard directly. In addition to providing analog and digital video capture, Instant DVD 2.

I got the exact same error with the Windows 7 install: I've been transferring TV programs, home movies, etc.

GreatSinatraFan, you might consider a TBC to stop the false macrovision detection instead of buying a new cap card. I read about other people with the same problems.

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Upgraded to VS9 Full Install: Contact Us VideoHelp Top. I use it without problems on Windows 7 using the driver and capwiz versions listed for this device not the Similar Threads How to backup Windows 7 Drivers?

This works okay just okay to a degree.

By CaptainChaos in forum Capturing. This can also be accessed by powering up computer going into Boot Manager. Thanks for the links, Fulci!

I agree, a TBC would be wonderful The problem that I had was that I wanted to use it mostly for recording from TV shows when I am not home and the CapWiz program is only capable of one scheduled recording at a time.

How to apply color correction using the Gradie How to record anything on your screen using th I used CapWiz briefly this AM and it will work for me Contact Us VideoHelp Top. You're using a beta version of our new web site. Its the only product of its kind on the market.

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Works like a Charm. I have a full ghost backup of my system and 2 test systems that I can use. I Installed tecg the ADS patches and ulead patches. I was going to upgrade to 10 Full Version The hardware device is capfure the encoding to mpeg, so you could capture with either, but I prefer to use CapWiz. Thanx for the info. Installing both the driver and capwiz on Win7 presents no problems and it will work perfectly.

I will just have to das my original way of doing things and incorporate CapWiz I might resort to using the capture Wizard that shipped with the ADS box but I wanted to avoid encoding with and ADS codec and then reencoding with a VS9 codec thereby degrading the quality of the capture.

ADS Tech Enhances CapWiz

Nice quality though but in the end not flexible enough for my needs. How to back up windows 7 drivers? OBS Studio screen recording and streaming guid If I have to, I'll hunt for another program.

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