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JmanWest Replied on December 19, The contents are organized into the following sections:. If the Switchable Graphics screen allows application level settings, your computer has Dynamic Mode switchable graphics.

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Configuring Laptop Switchable Graphics on a Windows® Based System

Battery power AC adapter disconnected To change switchable graphics settings while on battery power, follow the steps below. Specific applications are configured using the Catalyst Control Center software. Driver Compatibility To ensure compatibility, it is recommended to install the latest display drivers provided by the laptop manufacturer OEM for both the integrated and discrete graphics processing unit GPU.

External power AC adapter connected By default, a computer with Fixed Mode switchable graphics uses the discrete, or confjgure, GPU while on external power to convigure easily handle graphically intense activities such as watching an HD movie or playing a 3D video game.

The second one is more powerful for gaming, consumes more power and runs hotter.

If you do not have this software, or if you previously uninstalled it, see Obtaining Software and Drivers to learn how get the latest version. If the Switchable Graphics mode for an application has switchablw changed, a User icon will appear next to the name of the application profile.

Aircry Replied on October 23, Super User works switcnable with JavaScript enabled. Make sure that your AMD graphics card is set as the default graphics card. To maximize the energy efficiency or if you typically use programs that have lower graphical requirements such as word processing or spreadsheet programsyou do not need to make any changes to the settings in the Catalyst Control Center software. Bootup time dropped to 15 seconds total, but a popup appeared showing grapjics Intel graphics card was disabled.

The high-performance GPU is turned off completely. Available options in the Catalyst Control Center software vary based on whether the computer is on external power AC adapter connected or on battery power AC adapter disconnected.

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Your question Get the answer. Select a Recent Application and click Not Assigned unless this has been altered before. I uninstalled everything, re-installed, tried all links and out of ideas now, any ideas It says exactly how to make certain updates ignored by automatic update.

You can still run high-performance programs, videos, and games but you may notice lower frame rates, dropped frames, and choppy animations and transitions.

To reset the Catalyst Control Center back to default settings, click the Defaults button, and then click the Apply button.

AMD Switchable Graphics not working in Windows 10 (HP Pavilion - Microsoft Community

Power Saving - Selects the integrated GPU, which consumes less power but provides lower performance High Performance - Selects the discrete GPU, which consumes more power but provides better performance Based on Power Source - Selects the integrated GPU when running graphicx battery and selects the discrete GPU when plugged into a power outlet Select a desired mode for the application and the change will take effect the next time the application is loaded.

Click on the "Program Settings" tab and select the program you want to choose a graphics card for from the drop down list.

Using Dynamic Mode switchable graphics with default settings By default, grzphics computer with Dynamic Mode switchable graphics uses the integrated, or power-saving, GPU for most applications. Did this solve your problem? In reply to SheldoreD's post on August 11, External power AC adapter connected To change switchable graphics settings while on external power, follow the steps below.

Sign up using Facebook. For systems not running Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, freely available third party tools providing detailed GPU monitoring can be found online. The computer will automatically switch to the discrete, or high-performance, GPU when an application requires more performance.

zwitchable There are various versions, so try the following:. If the power source changes during computer operation you disconnect the AC adapterthe computer automatically displays a prompt to confirm switching from the high-performance GPU to the power-saving GPU.

I did this procedure and it did work but the movies and videos would crashsteam would not run nor any game. This provides longer battery time, and the computer generates less heat. Now everything runs very smoothly and the Win 10 experience is excellent plus it will be the only supported windows platform before too long. First you need to get it to detect and use the right card. This is a community wiki answer; if you have found or written instructions for a version of the software not already covered, please add them, or post your own answer if you prefer.

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