Black ops 2 hacks xbox 360

Such a shame,please fix. Of course hackers have been around since day 0. There is a small ledge.

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Waterlogged 20 Gather information on Raul Menendez' suspected terrorist plot. Message 9 of I just got to trying the game again this past weekend, and I've had the same experienced.

Lastly, be careful with interacting with those individuals who are threatening to compromise your account or the accounts of others.

I'm just sharing my experience since this sharp increase in late was very opw. All Day In Origins, revive another player four different ways ips one game. Hey, where did you see this? I use a private tool lolz I got it from Camxxcore and i absolutely love it!!

I don't know how much you can sell it for these days, 306 unless Treyarch comes in and does something it will remain this way. I understand them not wanting to spend money on a game that's hardly used anymore, but what an awful legacy to leave behind for such a popular game. Luckily BO1 seems good There is a pole leading up to the ledge with the bear on it.

You will have to go back and fourth for this transmission.

Hacked lobbies Black ops 2 xbox / one - Activision Community

The game uses listen servers. Why is this being downvoted? As you might know, due to black ops 2 being backwards compatible you're now able to play with people on the Xbox one therefore allowing Xbox One users to use a mod menu! Where the fuck are they when it comes to people ruining games for everyone else?. Seemed damn blackk unplayable to me. Welcome lps the Penthouse 50 Prestige once in multiplayer Public Match.

Yeah I was playing it every week or so because i missed it and then like a month ago I got on and every lobby me and my friend got in was modded. Unlock the door to the house, go upstairs, and the bear should be sitting on a mattress against the wall.

In fact, I just got off a lobby where some guy modded the whole lobby to a sniper lobby. If you have Twitter, please lend some support; https: I get what you mean dude, I've updated the topic hlack make it more clear.

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My gamer tag is the1badunit and I was prestige 4 and lvl 55 thanks. MW2 this is a huge problem as well, unfortunately it will most likely never be the same again: We've updated our Privacy Policy and made changes to how we handle information we collect.

Just shoot them, but make sure all your friends are in the spot with you and make sure you have ammo. It saddened me to think that the game I once loved so much xbx down to that.

He deserves no such thing as respect.

Black Ops 2 - (Xbox /Xbox One) Mod Menu Download - The Tech Game

It's gotten better in some of them, but the damage xbbox done. It's been like it for over a week. The next bear is at the Farm. Sick od the hacked lobbies!!! Message 7 of 7.

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