Bad boy cs cheat

But this cheats were just cheap ones which i found with google, so of course it gave a VACation. I cheated because she was just super hot and I was drunk. So why not do something else with your time instead of playing video games? It was ages ago but I do have a memory of playing them or maybe it was another cheating clan in some cw and I don't think our clan knew for sure they were cheating but obviously suspected of course. Won't I get a bad load?

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I eventually found real fun, it was self improvement, and I never cheated in any game after that. A smurf account is an account which someone of a higher skill level uses to play against less skilled players. I obviously don't condone my use of hacks because it honestly sucks to play against, and I have no good reason for having done so other than wanting to know what it was like to hack after getting destroyed in matchmaking by a cheater.

Also, adding a cvar for the ban time would be nice.

I just wanted to get out chat Open so bad. I stumbled on this by accident by starting a server called "Own3d: It was ages ago but I do have a memory of playing them or maybe it was another cheating clan in some cw and I don't think our clan knew for sure they were cheating but obviously suspected of course. The sense of achievement of being able to hit a shot without wall hacks and trigger bots simply makes me quit hacking. I only tried it out of curiosity for about a day and then stopped.

I added this for don't spam: This will never be approved! We ended up winning the match, and after getting called out, I realized that I couldn't allow my team to move up to IM with this on our conscience, so I put down the cheats forever and decided that legit was the way to cheah.

S, which uses HL2 engine, you are also banned in: I tried to modify myself but with no succes. Feel free to edit this file but don't forget to post new messages to forum so other people can download updated version. What's exactly rewarding about hacking? When the hell did I say that? I know, that it is violation of GPL but im pretty sure, that it is the plugin u must have Now I have 48 comp wins and am only Silver 2, but am proud and am visibly improving!

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One time it took the other player about min to find out that im cheating, i was using speedhack, aimbot with a m I always think that even if I didn't get called out, I probably would've done it again to make sure we made it to IM playoffs or something - but my conscience gets the better of my in those kinds of situations.

I can't move up in ranks knowing that it wasn't me that did it. Not stable is ZETA-anticheat that ive linked without sourcesnot this plugin.

You wanted the honest reasoning for why I hacked so I gave you it. Its also a lot of fun to bring together a bunch of cheaters and team up or something in Fs.

It had lots of options but I just selected the wallhack option and went into a public server, proceeded to go like because I found it so confusing like, lots boyy wireframes and not everything was player models, confusing as fuck. Filled with other cheaters. Or do you have no friends to play with because you're a fucking loser? GO, why do you cheat and what made you stop? If I was one of those high level players who plays in tournaments with hacks, I would feel really really bad about myself, having to cheat to keep up with players who are more talented.

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And as my playstyle is actually trying hceat hit clips I found it hilarious. I used it in 4 games, toggling it on and off. Really wanted to get hacks again, but I decided not to.

Results 1 to 1 of 1. How to set reasons for these hoy No it was like only a month ago. Sometimes I get tempted to buy an alt account and cheat on it, because I've seen so many people say how much better they are as a player after cheating, even pros.

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