Children maths games

Are you a budding poet or singer? The final picture will be revealed as each square is filled. Defend your castle from Zombie Hordes! Gadgets, Musical Instruments, Music, Musicians.

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Your job is to put in fences so that the land is separated into rectangular fields, each field should contain exactly one house and the area of the field should be the same as the number marked on the house. Load up the wagons with chlidren hoppers that match the wagon's number and get the load delivered. Learn about shapes, grids, weights, building blocks, angles, measurements, reflection, rotation, transformations and more.

Back To School Patterns. Learn the digits and words for the numbers and the game can help you learn to count too. Put your problem solving skills to the test with these brain bending activities for kids.

Please enable cookies and JavaScript for the best experience on this website. Use the information from equation to solve for the question mark.

Fun maths games and activities

Fruit Muffins Recipe Practise measuring with children by following this recipe and have fun in the kitchen at the same time. Estimation, Counting, Birds, Math, Numbers. Spring Addition and Subtraction. You need to spell the words correctly to make your space ship take off. My Money Sheet Keep track of your money whilst practising adding and subtracting decimals.

Tug Team Dirtbike Fractions. There will be more than one seesaw so you need to make multiple comparisons in order to find out the heaviest item. Salt Dough Craft Use ratios to make some salt dough, then get creative!

Math Games Organized by Grade

Help each of the ga,es bears find their things. In this game there are some seesaws and some objects placed on the seesaws. Are you brave enough to enter the Dark Forest? A game which focuses on one more and less and ten more and less addition with the aid of number grids.

Try to fly through all five levels while avoiding the parachutes with the wrong answers. Two levels of difficulty.

Play your favorite Virtual Worlds right here on PrimaryGames. You're the bus driver in this fun math game. Jet Ski Addition Race. There are also matching and sequencing numbers activities. Your objective is to defend the city by giving Lt. Shapes, Wildlife, Animals, Bugs, Math. Practice addition and subtraction skills in this fun puzzle game.

Math Games | Give Your Brain A Workout!

Groundhog Day Addition and Subtraction. Use your brain power to fight the alien invasion. City Under Siege - Decimal.

Press the space bar to eat the correct answers. Celebration Bunting Make your own celebration bunting whilst practising using angles and drawing triangles. Jack and the Beanstalk Drag the pictures to put this story in order. Animals Dot to Dot Puzzle.

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