Far cry 3 mods

This includes the following changes: Too bad you need to do alot of editing to get the stuff to work, i am not a modder, i just like to use mods, not edit stuff to get it to work, if you know what i mean. No icons, no terrain rendering I am still looking for a mod that lets me kill civilians without penalty.

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Some of Far Cry 3's scopes allow you to peek at your peripherals while zoomed in, while others take up your entire view. A similiar mod to Clear Sights and Attachments mods but in a single mod. Perhaps removing the fqr entirely will finally give you that deep immersion you've wanted. Originally posted by Jamie:. Download the author's fixed version here. Lithari Mofs Profile View Posts. And allows many weapons to hold attachments that they realistically could All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.

Ultra-Low Configuration Mod Prefabs 1. Start a New Discussion. Another one map from my maps collection, based on Kordon from S.

Swartz mod Compilation v1. Beware the beauty and mystery of this unexplored paradise and live to outwit its roster of ruthless, desperate characters. The current dearth is probably the result of the latest patch 1.

This a edited version modds the Flawless Widescreen Far cry 3 lua script that increases the viewmodel fov even more. Though Far Cry 3 already includes darn near everything —leopards, sharks, pirates, and at least one really crazy person—the mods we've gathered here can significantly change your island vacation for an altogether different experience. I am having a super duper hard time!

Far Cry 3 Mods

Locky's Blood Dragon mod Prefabs Wolfie View Profile View Posts. Groogo View Profile View Modw. If you're leery of teetering atop rusted radio towers to unlock more guns at the store the things we do to get some customer satisfactionthen Hereticus has the answer.

One of my oldest maps for Far Cry 3 made in map editor, which is a remake of whole map from old classic Golden Axe 1 game. I just started moes second playthorugh and I have: Here's 3 versions, first is the basic version.

Addons - Far Cry 3

If anyone needs a hand, please let me know add me on steamI don't mind walking you through the steaps it took me a while to get the hang of. Add addon and help us achieve our mission of showcasing the best content from all developers. It does exactly what its title proclaims, yanking the minimap entirely and fading out health bars and medkit counts for a more minimalist interface.

Follow instructions and you should be able to This xry the following changes: I beat the game and the civilians are just there. Or slap attachments onto more of your guns? The starting pistol and AK47 rifle handles the job of delivering swift bulletdeath in a pinch, but they lack the bling of the utilitarian attachments you'll buy for later weapons.

Either way, we'll update this story as we discover new mods or as cy ones are phased out.

Far Cry 3 PC Mods | GameWatcher

Number of changed textures is not big so it will not overload your VRAM. This quick fix piles all zoomable scopes into the former category, keeping the edges ffar your vision clear while you draw a bead on your target.

We expect this to be become a popular one.

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