Heaven and hell the devil you know

However, there is also a bit more filler on 13 , so that variety angle for it is neutralized. It sets a good rhythm, is in time, and I actually like his fills I don't understand why he gets ragged on so much. That is not to suggest that it was a bad album, very far from it.

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I like the story-through-song approach we have going on, where a song is like a whole concept. Dio, the ageless wonder, dominates over the top of the mix, his voice showing almost no wear despite his age. Maybe I'm wrong for wishing this album is something that it wasn't, but to be fair, isn't that the reason we don't like Retrieved 6 May This was great because it replaced the MIA video for Live Evil, which may or may not exist, depending on who or what rumors you believe.

Best Black Sabbath (as Heaven & Hell) ‘The Devil You Know’ Song – Readers Poll

They're both grandfathers of heavy metal, elder statesmen of an entire genre of music that had grown so much since they were young. Geezer is on the ball on this album as he usually is. A few highlights include the foreboding silthers of "Atom and Evil," the Promethian imagery of "Fear," and the previously mentioned depression of "Follow the Tears.

Dio's vocals are slooooooow, and the guitar riffs even moreso, and the whole thing generally oozes along like the oldest primordial slime. All of those songs have one thing in common, they feel like they're showing you something greater than yourself. The painting simply looks badass and is a perfect image to go along with the hellish atmosphere that the album contains.

Some tempo changes would serve to make the songs stand out even more.

While they aren't as monumental as the lyrics on past efforts, they are mysterious as ever and may have gotten a little stranger over the years. The two differ heavily in this category.

Black Sabbath's 13 vs. Heaven & Hell's The Devil You Know | Metal Recusants

The band's first scheduled date was in Bogota on 5 May There really isn't an album that's come out so far or that is coming out this year, that can rival this album. Let me just clarify on the age bit: The song "The Devil Cried" was released as a promotional single for the release. The Dio-fronted Sabbath always set the bar very high, and the fact they have not quite managed to match the amazing quality of their previous works 15 years after their last collaboration is nothing to be ashamed of.

Another extra point is for Geezer Butler. Wal-Mart has an alternate cover that may appeal to some fans whom are squeimish when it comes to this form of expression.

The Devil You Know

Absolutely not, Dio has always been at his best when he's carrying a sense of wonder and grandeur. I'm sorry guys, The Devil You Know is lame and boring.

And this follow-up has the same feeling. I even bought the tour shirt that has the artwork on it.

The Devil You Know (Heaven & Hell album) - Wikipedia

Well, maybe the new Tenet album or the Blatant Disarray album or even the Candlemass album that came out a couple months ago but overall this album is just fantastic. The interest in the album had risen to a fever pitch and very few albums could have adequately lived up to that hype. Since "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath", Iommi keeps on bringing the same riffing style, almost the same tune for the most of his compositions.

Follow the Tears however is perhaps my favorite song on this disc. This devkl is all around fantastic. The music is mostly played in minor keys, obviously to take advantage of the natural tendency to sound more imposing.

Danish Albums Hitlisten [28]. I would listen to it tue and it fitted fairly snugly into a doom phase that I was going through, acting as a slightly more upbeat bedfellow to the likes of Candlemass, Cathedral, My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost, and Solitude Aeturnus. His goth-tinged poetry hasn't changed much over they years and is no different here.

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