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September 23, at September 17, at 9: First time in about 20 years that i get annoyed with apple.

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What happens if Apple pulls an app from the App Store? You can delete apps and hide them in iOS, that has nothing to do with iTunes missing the apps page now though. I like beautifully designed iconns. Why does apple give a rats arse where you manage your apps. Share price pressure squeezing users into ecosystems pfo dont want to be in and pushing them to remain in the never ending hardware update cycle.

BUT another thing to consider is although I personally know how to use a Mac, there may be others who do not, so having a Windows solution would help those.

I'm also a remote contractor, I feel your pain. By default the icon set will be named 'AppIcon'.

iOS 11 Application has blank icon with Air 28 | Adobe Community

I kept my iPhone 5 for precisely that reason. It offers 35 shapes for creating great looking app icons. You only need a good MAC and a lot of cash if you plan to icoons it your development platform.

In what category on the device in the sidebar will the IPA be accepted?

How to Manage & Sync iOS Apps Without iTunes on iPhone & iPad

What about splash screen? Better to let them SEE the complaints and pain, rather than all of us posting here and on other forums to which they pay no attention.

Customization has always appealed me—in its true sense. I want to centrally manage iOS device backups, restores, and content. Just wanted to add a heads-up for people looking for a PC-friendly solution for this, I used this online tool: Tip If your app creates custom documents, you don't need to design document icons because iOS uses your app icon to create document icons automatically.

Also, I suspect this move by apple is aimed at evolving towards completely independent iOS devices. So i am trying to transfer this app into the ipad which is still using September 20, at You can choose backgrounds from the app or import from the Camera Roll. They remove the appstore from itunes and touch id from the iphone, both of which worked well and people loved to use them.

The other issue I have is how can you move pages of apps or add a blank page in between two pages to organize your apps.

App Icons on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

If you love designing things, you would like Icon maker. Worst part, I accidentally updated iTunes and now I can move, delete or replace it with an older version.

It includes the ability to hide them and unhide them. Then follow the steps in Adding Icons to an iOS Application to re-configure the proper icons for the application.

Below are guidelines for handling icon files for iPhone-only apps, iPad-only apps, universal apps, Apple Watch apps, and iMessage extensions. Is there any change to be made in the app descriptor. One or more of the icons in your iMessage extension or Sticker Pack extension contains transparent areas. The first hint that they may want to do this was when they touted the first Simply tap and hold on an app icon until all screen icons start to jiggle.

Technical Q&A QA App Icons on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

Verify that you have included icons for all of the sizes listed in Table 8 in the iMessage extension or Sticker Pack extension target. These legacy names are still listed in the tables below along with example names for the more recent icons. Also, there are 2 sections of categories, under the picture of the device in iTunes: If the none of the above solutions resolve the problem, follow the steps below to remove all the icons and icon related configuration from the application.

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