Andy krieger accent reduction

Hope my poor English has done its job in describing howgood the classes are. This is also an important part and. I recommend that everyone coming from China to Canada take your class. Andy is a very kind and patient teacher. Andy has really helped me speak without my accent.

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I think you are right about my voice. But Andy's version is totally captioned!

Andy Krieger Accent Reduction

What is it about the K Method that makes it so effective for improving your speaking ability? Raymond is from China, lives in Vancouver, and my teaching he says, allowed him to be admitted to UBC med school. I am looking forward for our next class. So, my opinion is that you may go to him. JackieLi Bing Bingand. She has lived in Canada for 4 years.

I was so inspired by you and I felt the changing immediately through the class. He has successfully taught more than 7, students in North America and internationally. As of July, That's how he developed the K Method language delivery system that teaches students the right tongue and lip positions to resuction each word without an accent.

I just finished my interview of Washing University in St. Thank you very much for the booklet for your K-Method. Tuesday, February 06, 2: Andy helps to tell me what pronunication is not perfect, and then he teaches me how to do it right.

I really appreciate your help, and I believed that it plays an important role in my interview success. I have been enormously benefited from him. Yours sincerely, Oleg Speaking with an accent is stressful and costly.

The K Method - Home

Thank you for your teaching, and I am really appreciate your help. As of July, Andy has taught over 21,0 00 students. At first, this course seemed like a boring choice for me. You will also receive. She said that I am not making any strong account like what I did before, and I speak very smoothly now. And now I am much more confident speaking English than before. Thank you for your lesson.

Accent Reduction Course

Practice at your own pace for up to 30 days. He has amazing zndy and ears which allow him to detect the slightest problem in my pronunciation and intonation, and he knows exactly how to teach us to make the accurate positions for producing the accent-free pronunciation. This is also an important part and. Start now, so you will feel good about speaking when you arrive.

I anyd to say I don't know what to expect in the beginning and how I will able to speak differently.

We have been practicing your method of speaking good English in our everyday conversations. An exclusive rediction session with Andy Krieger to perfect your speaking. When did you come to USA or Canada? The booklet is printed with letters in different colors black, red and blueboxes to highlight the main points to remember, etc.

Honestly, I really enjoyed your accent reduction class.

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