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Survive for as many days as possible, while converting zombies into a human or vice versa.

Zero Hour real-time strategy game. These are the three constants of Contra.

contra Windows 7 - Free Download Windows 7 contra - Windows 7 Download

Contra Game - The Guns For starters, you no longer need to pay coins to retry levels. In this vein if you cor give the original Contra to a new generation gamer, the kid would probably become frustrated after ten minutes and request a Flappy Bird session for cooling down.

For newbies For newbies Video games have really changed over the years. Contra is a game with a combination of two genres shooting and war, developed and published by Konami gaming company. You can Save your game by pressing F5 and Load it by pressing F7. Conclusion All in all, the game is not overly long only 3 levels and can be finished in ten minutes or less. Playing alone or in tandem with someone else, you take on an all but endless onslaught of enemies. However for those that want to sample the original feel of Contra, this version might fill the bill.

This Game is known as Return of Evil Forces.

Contra Game Download

What if the Nester. Which means your character gets reset, and loses his special weapon if he had any. Share your games with others on the internet! You can find a lot of useful information about the different software on our QP Download Blog page.

The second player controls are ocntra for shooting and [W] for Jumping.

Although you obviously want to avoid the death part, winndows designer made it a bit harder than in the NES version. It comes from an era where the better you were at it, the cheaper the experience would become. You start gwme with your standard weapon, but finding power-ups can change your weapon to Rapid Fire, Laser, Spread Gun and more. Let me imagine that you have no idea what Contra is like and need a description.

The Music and Graphics are really good. Contra The Last Fight.

It is asking a password. Additional information about license you can found on owners sites. Press Shift for choosing Two players or One player and Enter to start or pause. Contra - The American Hero. Video games have really changed over the years. The directions are [C] for going left, [B] for right, [F] for up and [V] for down. How to play AAA games on laptops or low-end computers.

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Welcome to the War Zone Commando! The game takes place in Decembera year after the events of the original Contra. Contra is a run-and-gun style platformer developed by Konami and published by Erbe Software initially in Here you can see a screenshot of Mario Game which is running in Nester Emulator: This site is not directly affiliated with Jhunour Wincows classicgames.

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