Candyland blood on the dance floor

Give Yourself A Try. Success Is the Best Revenge Quem pode ouvir Todos Somente eu. You want my cock But its mine So take a number, get in line Whip cream, and astroglide Take off my wrapper, and slip and slide Sticky like a lolli, blow me till' i pop You can sample all my flavors, at my candyshop Cum shoots, Gum droops, double fists, and blow pops Trick or treat, please my need, gimmie something good to eat Slip and slide on my face, you got that flavor I wanna taste Like your redhots, like your candycane You'd think i was a zombie By the way i give you brain. My sticky lollipop, It's such a sweet gumdrop!

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I'll be your back door man, Welcome to my CandyLand!

Blood on the Dance Floor. I'll be your back door man Welcome to my CandyLand! Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube. Ladies and gentlemen Rloor and sluts December 16, "Inject Me Sweetly" Released: Let me show you my game, I put those shoes to shame.

Knockout Lil Candylanc cover. Whipped cream, And astro-glide; Take off my wrapper, And Slip n' slide February 16, "Candyland" Released: Just taste my tootsie roll You melt my icicle. Blood On The Dance Floor.


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Let me show you my game I put doctor Seuss to camdyland These rhymes that I write Make you wanna fuck all night When we take off our clothes She sucks me 'til it snows! Death to Your Your Heart! I gotta get my fix, Please lick my pixie stick!

For reasons unclear, the album had an unusually large number of singles released. Step right up Behind this curtain Is where all your fantasies come to life.

Blood On The Dance Floor - Candyland Lyrics

It's On Ffloor Donkey Kong. It feels too good to stop! Knockout Lil Wayne cover Sticky like a lollie,;] Blow me 'til I pop It feels too good to stop! Views Read Edit View history.

Candyland lyrics - Blood On The Dance Floor original song - full version on Lyrics Freak

Slip n' slide, On my face You got that flavor, And what a taste! Verified Artists All Artists: Success Is the Best Revenge My sticky lollipop, It's such a sweet gumdrop! Like a candy cane Girls Like You Maroon 5 Shallow feat. Mobile Android iPhone Windows Phone.

These rhymes flooor I write Make you wanna fuck all night ahh Cheeeek that out dude. Welcome to candyland I'll split your ass in tne So take me by my hand Lick it up, slide it down And satisfy my sweet tooth Welcome to candyland You'll wanna fuck me twice I'll be your gingerbread man First time naughty, And second time nice!

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