Flaming text gimp

Made this tiny little thingy with it: Now you'll need to go into Filters, Distort, Whirl and Pinch. Also, edit the color if you don't like it using curves or value. After you're satisfied with you're results, merge the transparent layer down with the background and go to Colors, Color Balance.

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But I left that out to make the tutorial short. It seems like a lot of work. Of course, you can also ask in the chat. All you need to do is print text on a black background, and apply a Wind filter. David G'MIC created a cool flame preset that helps a lot in creating flame effects. Move the duplicate between the original and the white layers.

A few things here. After you're satisfied txet you're results, merge the transparent layer down with the background and go to Colors, Color Balance. I finally have the time to peek over here to see what has been doing on with the latest Set the values as red 65 and yellow throughout.

Go back to the menu: Set black color to be converted to alpha. The end result of my very first attempt looks amazing. Go to Blur — Gaussian Blur.

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To make the text flame animated is pretty straight forward. Right next to Layer.

Then a Gaussian Blurand an Unsharp Mask filter. Apply a wind filter effect with Filters — Distorts — Wind. As BG-Color choose black. Just create additional text flames with varying amounts of flame.

After you're done you'll need to merge the text layer down into the transparent layer you created earlier.

Gimp Flaming Text Effects Tutorial

Use the Smudge-Tool to do so and choose the values that are shown on the picture. Register Help Forgot Password? Click link below for the Flickr thread. Step uno, use a black fill gkmp color the background black.

Thank you very much. It was easy, thanks!

Gimp Flaming Text Effects | Tutorial-Bone-Yard

Text effects Time to reproduce: I will definately use this method a lot! Make the Blur Radius 6 on both vertical and horizontal.

Create a new File of any size. If you watch flames you will see the natural chaos.

Hope thats clear, if not, poke me again and i will try to explain better Select the top layer. Time heavily depends on the amount of text you are turning into flames.

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